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The goal of SXN Cattery is the production of top quality Bengal kittens expressing the wild beauty of the Asian Leopard Cat combined with the domestic qualities that make loving family companions. Our kittens exemplify what Bengal breeders are hoping for with pedigrees that represent the best bloodlines. Striving for top show prospects and quality rather than quantity limited breedings are done using only our best cats. This also allows time for the thorough socialization of each kitten insuring compatibility and companionship with their new family.

SXN cattery is located on a glacial moraine, nestled at the foot of the Mission Mountains, on the southern end of the Flathead lake, in Montana. An important aspect of producing top quality Bengal kittens is providing the appropriate living environment for them and their parents. Welcome to the SXN Cattery.

The Cattery Buildings

The first building houses pregnant, littering, nursing, and weaning Bengal females

Northwest region,Polson,Montana, Bengal cats and kittens


Montana bengal cats and kittens for sale.


Bengal cats spotted, marbled, snow, silver Kittens

Adding a new roof on the first cattery building.


This second. building houses Bengal males, breeding and visiting females and weaned kittens

Montana bengal cattery kittens for sale


Montana bengal cattery specalizing in marbles


Northwest Region Bengal cats and kittens for sale


Montana bengal cattery protected from outside influence


Northwest region, Montana, Bengal cats and kittens



Both houses have inside pens connected to outside exercise pens.
The outside runs are 6 to 12 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 6 to 8 feet high.


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Dr. Kenneth Davis

Serving the National and International Bengal community from Polson, Montana

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